Water Aid Charity

Water Aid Charity provides local water

Water Aid Charity is a worldwide organisation working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, and it changes millions of lives every year. We donate all profit from our paperback anthologies to Water Aid.

We do not pay authors for their contribution to our anthologies because we distribute our eBook version of the anthology free. However, authors were also asking for us to make a paperback version available on Amazon.

Amazon insists we sell paperbacks at a price that covers printing costs plus a royalty, and this creates a small profit even at the lowest price. We thought it unfair to be taking even a modest profit from authors we were not paying, and the solution was to donate those profits to charity.

There is no profit from the eBook version of our anthologies. We always distribute these completely free.

There is a profit from the paperback version of our anthologies. We distribute these through Amazon, and we donate all profits from those sales to Water Aid.

To aid transparency, at the bottom of this page we will publish details of the amount of royalty received, and the date on which we donated the whole of that royalty to Water Aid.

We depend on clean water so much while going about our everyday routines for drinking, cooking, washing and producing food. But can you imagine how different life would be without clean water?

That’s the reality for a staggering 785 million people. Living in some of the world’s poorest communities, they have no choice but to walk long distances to fetch and drink dirty water. This affects their health, their education, and their livelihoods.

Even when drinking water is available, that doesn’t mean decent toilets are available. One in four, that’s 2 billion people, do not have a decent toilet, and not having a toilet means there’s nowhere to treat or manage human waste properly, so germs get into water sources and food, spreading diseases like diarrhoea and cholera.

Every two minutes a child under five dies from diarrhoeal diseases caused by lack of safe water, sanitation and poor hygiene practices.

Water Aid Charity provides communities with clean water and decent toilets for the first time, enabling the recipients to keep themselves and their environment clean, stay healthy, stop diseases spreading, and live dignified lives.

The lack of clean water denies people opportunities that should be open to everyone, everywhere. It holds back entire communities simply because they don’t have access to clean water.

Submissions to our anthologies.

We will display the number of paperbacks sold, the royalties received, and the amount and date of donations to Water Aid here.

It takes three months for Amazon royalties to trickle through after publication.

Spring Edition published 21 March 2021. Main royalties received start of June 2021.

Summer Edition publication in July 2021. Main royalties received start of October 2021

Autumn Edition publication in October 2021. Main royalties expected start of January 2022

DateAnthology Paperback
Royalties Received
DateDonation made to
Water Aid
April 2021£01.04
May 2021£28.6802 June 2021£29.72
June 2021£09.5901 July 2021£09.59
July 202148.6901 Oct 2021£48.69
Aug 2021£2.33
Sep 2021£4.5630 Nov 2021£6.89
Oct 2021£49.0431 Dec 2021£49.04
Royalties received and donated to Water Aid

Further information about the Anthologies supporting Water Aid, and where to obtain them can be found on our Anthology page.

Thank you to all the authors
Thank you to all authors who have helped us raise money for Water Aid