Self editing your novel

Self Editing Your Novel

There are two main ways of self editing your novel. You can edit as you write, a chapter at a time, or edit the whole book after completion. I know writers that do both, but each has its own pros and cons.

Self Editing Your Novel after Each Chapter.

The pro, is that you have already done most of the editing by the time you have completed your novel. The con, is that you may lose the flow of your writing. You may get to the end of a chapter eager to write what happens next, but stop writing and start editing what you have already written.

Self Editing Your Novel after Completion.

a novel after you’ve completely finished writing it. The pro, is that nothing disturbs the flow of your writing. You have things in your mind and you get them written as quickly as possible whilst they are fresh in your memory. The con, is that when you’ve finished the novel, you’ve still got a huge chunk of editing in front of you.

The choice is yours

Depending upon your temperament, some writers will prefer to get the editing done as they go, whilst others will prefer to edit everything at the end. I’m in the latter camp, but that won’t suit everyone.

There are two important things you need to know about editing.

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