A Brief History of Life: From the Origin of Life to the End of the Universe

Brief History of Life Book Cover

A Brief History of Life: From The Origin of Life To The End Of The Universe is a popular science book exploring every aspect of life and death.

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Quantum physics tells us the building blocks from which all living things are made are the same building blocks from which all non-living things are made.

Taking the NASA definition of life as his starting point, the author searches for the vital ingredient that differentiates living and none-living things.

His search takes him from the start of the universe to its very end, and along the way he offers a tantalizing glimpse of the scientific evidence in support of a personal afterlife.

A Brief History of Life

So broad in scope, everything from the big bang to the afterlife!” (Professor Gerald Joyce, co-author of the NASA definition of life).

The eBook version is available for immediate download in both Epub and Mobi (Kindle) versions