Richard Underwood

The author Richard Underwood was born in Colwyn Bay in North Wales, and joined the medical branch of the Royal Air Force straight from school, serving at hospitals and medical centres both at home and abroad.

Author Richard Underwood

After leaving the forces he worked as a police officer, minister of religion, local government officer, a charity worker, a social worker, a counsellor, a civil servant, and a sheltered housing scheme manager before finally ending up nursing on an acute mental health ward in England.

Along the way he gained a Sociology BSc (Hons) in Social Policy, Economics, and Criminology, a Diploma in Applied Social Science, and a CertHE in Mental Health Nursing.

His eclectic work experience has led to an eclectic range of books, and publication of fiction and non-fiction, detective agency novels, software manuals, poetry, self-help, and a biography.

He is currently living with his wife in Manchester whilst working on his series of Ann Perkins Detective Agency Novels.

  • Fenechty Publishing Accused
    Ann Perkins Detective Agency Book Two (Due 2022)

Ann Perkins Detective Agency Novels

Fake Witness is Book One in the Ann Perkins Detective Agency series. A pulsating thriller with a unique twist. When Ernie Wright prevents a robbery in the heart of Manchester, he starts a manhunt by both sides of the law.

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The Plan: Free prequel to Fake Witness – available as a free eBook Download.

Accused is book two in the Ann Perkins Detective Agency Series. (UK publication date 2022)

Popular Science

A Brief History of Life: From the Origin of Life to the End of the Universe

A popular science book exploring every aspect of life and death.

Quantum physics tells us the building blocks from which all living things are made are the same building blocks from which all non-living things are made.

Taking the NASA definition of life as his starting point, the author searches for the vital ingredient that differentiates living and none-living things.

His search takes him from the start of the universe to its very end, and along the way he offers a tantalizing glimps of the scientific evidence in support of a personal afterlife.

So broad in scope, everything from the big bang to the afterlife!” (Professor Gerald Joyce, co-author of the NASA definition of life).

Brief History of Life

Software Manuals

ZEN CART MANUAL: ZEN CART 1.5 is a software manual providing step-by-step instructions for anyone wanting to create a stand-alone online store using the free Zen Cart 1.5 store creation software.

Zen Cart Manual: Amazon UKAmazon USASmashwordsApple BooksBarnes & NobleKoboOdiloScribd

JOOMLA MANUAL: JOOMLA 3 is a software manual providing step-by-step instructions for anyone wanting to create a stand-alone website using the free Joomla 3 website creation software

Joomla Manual: Amazon UKAmazon USASmashwordsApple BooksBarnes & NobleKoboOdiloScribd

Self-Help For Adults

Reading and Writing Help for Adults (Free Book)

The Reading and writing Help for Adults book has been designed to help adults read and write, and is suitable for complete beginners.

The book itself has two main parts. Firstly, there is a story that commences with one illustrated word per page, but which then continues to use many of the most used words in UK English. The second part of the book comprises a work-sheet which can be printed out and used to help new readers write some of those words they have learned.

Both parts of the book are meant for complete beginners. The first part is designed so that someone who is a family member or friend can read the words out loud to the student, followed by the student remembering and repeating the various pages until they can complete new pages themselves. The second part of the book is designed so that students can learn to write on their own by simply repeatedly copying the words they have learned both in block capitals and in script.

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OVERCOMING: THE SALVATION ARMY is an autobiographical history of the Salvation Army in the United Kingdom during the 1970s and 1980s.

Overcoming: Amazon UKAmazon USASmashwordsApple BooksBarnes & Noble KoboOdiloScribd