Development of Novel characters - Not everyone is what they seem

Inspiration for your Novel from People

Inspiration for your novel can be obtained from newspaper headlines, but can also be obtained by observing people.

People are a rich source of inspiration for any writer because they come in all different colours, shapes and sizes, in all different ages, and with different physical, mental and emotional abilities.

Inspiration for a novel from newspapers

Inspiration for a Novel from Newspapers

Finding inspiration for a novel from newspapers can help writers start a novel. New writers sometime have problems knowing how to begin. How to find inspiration for a story or an idea for a plot are problems all authors face, but new authors more than most. This blog post offers advice on how to use newspapers and journals to kick-start your writing process.

Self Publishing Book Image

Self-Publishing Book Covers

Graphic artists charge a lot of unnecessary fees for self-publishing book covers as the main purpose of book covers is to indicate the genre of the story.

It is no accident when you look at a book, you can usually tell straight away what genre it is. That’s the first thing a potential reader wants to know when they look at a book.

Writing novels with believable dialogue

Highlighting Dialogue in Microsoft Word

There is a way of highlighting dialogue in Microsoft Word which many authors may find useful. It doesn’t highlight as you type, but once you’ve finished, you can use it to highlight everything between dialogue tags. I have listed the step-by-step instructions below for Word 2019, but using other versions is broadly similar.