Anthology of Short Stories

Fenechty Publishing published a series of 106 Short Story Anthologies in different genres and by different authors between January 2021 and Spring 2022. The paperbacks are all available to purchase on Amazon and the eBooks are available free from many eBook suppliers including Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Scribd. They were all edited by Jilly Snowdon and are listed below, commencing with the most recent anthology.

Anthology of Short Stories Spring 2022

This Spring 2022 edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories includes twenty great stories in different genres and by different authors.

The editor’s choice award for this edition is The Green Path by Ciara Mandulee Mendis, a brilliantly observed poignant story of life in Sri Lanka.

Our collection starts with A Collection of Memories by Alex Minns, a non-scary modern ghost story. This is followed by Night Relief by Richard Underwood, a semi-autobiographical tale based on his time as a police officer, and Running on Half Empty by Stephen Murphy, the story of a rather creepy car which never runs out of petrol.

Shove Push Stand by Todd Sullivan is a tale about a young witch, and Whispers of Death is described by the author, LaVern Spencer McCarthy, as dark fiction.

Lummox, the first of two stories by Moshe Sonnheim is a dramatic paranormal story. The Hand of Mary Donovan, his second story, is a detective mystery.

Sister Trunchbull by Raymond Fenech Gonzi is the author’s memoir of his first days at school as a five-year-old, and Melancholy Holly by Brittany McGorm is a story about overcoming adversity.

The Golden Years by David C.Russel is a family saga spanning 1960s to the present day, and The Perfect Woman by Jim Tritten is an amusing examination of the characteristics required by a ‘perfect woman’.

The Man Who Told a Lie by Caroline Moir is a semi-autobiographical story featuring the protagonist Fran and people she encounters on her travels. The Green Path by Ciara Mandulee Mendis has already been mentioned as our Editor’s Choice.

Brotherly Love by Jim Bates is a heart-warming tale about two brothers who save one another’s lives, and Only What’s on the Menu by Ken Goldman is a spooky tale with a surprise ending.

Tales My Grandfather Told by Judge Santiago Burdon is an amusing story about the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson, and The Gardian Angel by Lynne Phillips tells the story of how the protagonist saved someone’s life and became a ‘guardian angel’.

Three Red Peppers by Indra Chopra tells the story of how the Covid pandemic disrupted an Indian family life, and A Grave Matter by Madeleine McDonald is not quite a ghost story, but shows how previous generations can affect us.

Last but not least, The Girl Under My Bed by Tim Law is about a meeting between a child with cancer, her grandmother, and a ghost.

Anthology of Short Stories: Winter 2021

This Winter 2021 edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories includes thirteen great stories, making a total of eighty-six short stories published during the past year.

As this edition spans Christmas and New Year, our editor’s choice award is shared between Jasmine Tritten and Richard Underwood who both wrote seasonal stories. Santa’s Hands by Jasmine Tritten is a charming Christmas story about ‘Father’ Christmas, and Quantum One One by Richard Underwood describes looking forward to a new year of peace and harmony.

Face Lift by Jim Bates is another charming story reminding us children accept adults at face value, whilst Beside the Clouds by David C. Russell is a salutary reminder not to be too trusting.

Red Flags by LaVern Spencer McCarthy describes the horror of online dating, and Big Noses by Jim Tritten is a humorous examination of how others see us.

Popular Girl by Ken Goldman tells of the pitfalls of looking at the past through rose tinted glasses, and A Change of Heart by Dawn DeBraal is a reminder we often fail to appreciate people until it’s too late.

It’s All in The Tea Leaves by Lynne Phillips is a charming fantasy story about a visit to a circus, and The Jeweller’s Verdict by Madeleine McDonald is a humorous tale of female survival in a patriarchal society.

Our final three stories for this year are Reman’s Retreat by Nathan E.D. Baker, which is a fantasy tale about two ancient adventurers; Going Full Circle by Stephen Murphy, a time shifting fantasy where the main character has a conversation with his future self; and 8:6 by Justin Rulton, a ghost story concerning events occurring the same time each day.

Anthology of Short Stories: Autumn 2021

There are twenty-three excellent stories in this edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories.

Our editor’s choice was a close call between several stories in this edition, but has been awarded to Silver by Jim Bates, a timely reminder that beauty is more than skin deep and you shouldn’t judge anyone by external appearance.

Cate Moyle’s Salvador’s is a touching non-scary ghost story, A Prisoner of Angels by Jim Tritten is a rib-tickling COVID story, and you don’t need to be a football or soccer fan to enjoy the whimsical Irish football tale of The County Final by John Carew.

Busy Old Fool, Unruly Sun by Ken Goldman is a treat for anyone who loves Shakespeare, and Through a Gypsy Girl’s Eyes by Judge Santiago Burdon is another non-scary ghost story.

Breaking Free by Jasmine Tritten is an account of the excitement and anxiety felt when leaving your homeland for a new country, and The Hell of it All by Leigh Doughty tells of the excitement and anxiety felt when leaving school to take a first job.

Jimmy’s Eczema by Richard Underwood is an autobiographical story of his Salvation Army work amongst homeless men in Glasgow, Scotland, and The Cellist Stalker by Andrea Barton is a heart-warming tale reminding us that, whatever the past, today can be a day of new beginnings.

The Conscious Round by Andrew Davie is a story about the unforeseen effects of justifiably taking another person’s life, while Regimen at Mojave Run by LaVern Spencer McCarthy is an antidote for anyone seeking to lose weight through attending a health farm.

The Gardener’s Daughter by Lucy E.M. Black is a tale of the not so distant past, when status depended more on birth than ability, and One Night in Nashville by Nate Ealy contains two humorously different perspectives from both sides of a partition wall.

Death Imitating Art by P.A. O’Neil is a ‘what if’ story inspired by a pop song, and The Best Shot by Rivka Shlesinger is a story inspired by a woman who served in the Prussian army whilst disguised as a man.

Guide to The Outback and The Portal, are two short horror stories by Stephen Johnson, and The King of the Dad Bods by Matt McGee is an amusing glance at urban life.

Trials of a Heart, by C. Ann Golden, is heart-warming teen fiction about a deaf girl and a horse, and Loose Ends by B.A. Brittingham, is a poignant story looking back at a life about to end.

Our final two stories are The Trouble with Molly by Gerald Hayes, a hilarious travel story involving a talking parrot; and Small Change, a literary tale from Margaret Young examining the effect on a teenage daughter when her parents split up.

Anthology of Short Stories: Summer 2021

There are twenty-nine excellent stories in this Summer 2021 edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories by different authors.

Life by Alex Morrison beat off the competition to become our editor’s choice for this edition. It tells the story of old family friends who meet up from time to time. Life History by Richard Underwood is also about life, but from the creation of life to the end of the universe. What Do I Have to Do to Make Electricity Work? by Jim Tritten tells us the dangers of not reading the small print.
Prisons of Perception by Steven Ross is a very perceptive account of someone with bipolar disorder. The Mechanical Dragon by Lynne Phillips is a reminder that just because we can build something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea. Fast and Steep by Mitchell Toews relives the excitement of a first toboggan ride.
L’amour by Debra Ann is a feast for all lovers of chocolate and romance, which as everyone knows, go well together. Lustre by Iwuagwu Ikechukwu shows that love can defeat prejudice. Lace and Nylon by Christina Hoag reminds us romance in the workplace may not always be a good idea.
Daisy Chain by S. L. Kretschmer is a reminder those who work with bereaved people may be bereaved themselves. Uncontrollable Growth by Mirjam Dikken shows how a life threatening disease, or the lack of one, can affect our outlook on life and relationship with others. Suburbia by Amanda Hurley is also about relationships, and about the invisible walls we sometimes erect to exclude others.
The Way a Woman Thinks by Dawn DeBraal will be familiar to most women, but remains a mystery to most men. Home Again by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy is a nostalgic themed romance. Dead People Don’t Want Water by Roxana Negut reminds us to remember loved one’s who have died, whilst Room in the Grave by Madeleine McDonald illustrates that not all good deeds are done for magnanimous reasons.
Old Flame by John West is about a passion that really heats up, whilst Episode 20 by Stephen Johnson shows the danger of uncontrolled nanotechnology. Rabid by Reuben Tanzer also warns us about danger. The danger of annoying someone whose help we may later need.
Farewell to the Demon and My Last Drunk are two stories by Nomi Hill on opposite spectrums of cause and effect. Charm by San Lin Tun is also about cause and effect, a charming tale of how infectious happiness can be. A Last Sage by Erik Baknazaryan reminds us how fulfilling and relaxing doing nothing can be, and Two Doors by Swati Singh is a reminder to cherish what we’ve got rather than what we’ve lost.
If you like stories that make you uncomfortable, then you’ll like Swing a Sparrow on a String by horror writer Ken Goldman and Screams by LaVern Spencer McCarthy
Our final three stories are Selenium by Jim Bates, a story with a hint of romance, hint of nostalgia, and an unusual periodic table element; When Ammamma Was Avanged by Sravanthi Challapalli, is a story about life coming full circle, and Terror by Jasmine Tritten, is a timely reminder of how the courage and bravery of ordinary people can make a real difference.

Anthology of Short Stories: Spring 2021

There are fourteen excellent stories in this Spring 2021 edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories.

‘Saunagus’ by Jim Tritten is our Editor’s choice for this edition. It is a reminder to think twice before joining Scandinavians in a sauna.

‘Sweet Caroline’ by Patricia Elliott is a romance with a surprise ending. ‘Finding Jenni’ by Jenean McBrearty is an intriguing mixture of aliens, time-travel, and romance. ‘Creating a Legacy’ by David Russell provides a salutary warning to listen to what our bodies are telling us. ‘Apparition’ by Madeleine McDonald is the story of a future where computer games blur the boundary between reality and imagination. ‘Tribunal’ by Richard Underwood is a reminder things are not always the way they first seem. ‘A Traveller’s Tale’ by Victor Nandi is a story about a traveller who stays close to home. ‘The Strange Light’, also by Victor Nandi tells us ordinary but courageous heroes are needed to save the world. ‘The Bus’ by Roxana Negut is a ghost story of second chances. ‘Big Sister’ by Janis Butler Holm reminds us even aliens have a difficult adolescence. ‘Riding the Blue Mist’ by Stephen Johnson is a time travelling story in which a doctor changes the course of history. ‘Judgement’ by Steven Ross is a story about the most insignificant person making a difference. ‘Blue Kansas Sky’ by Randy Attwood reminds us of the perils of wanting something too badly. ‘Do Not Ever Look Away’ by Tabassum Hasnat tells of the mixed emotions abused people sometimes have for their abusers.

Volume 001 – January 2021

Contents: THE HOUSE by Crystalwizard, ONE SIMPLE SONG by Anthony J. Langford, THE SIX DAY WAR by Karen Karlitz, STRYKERS TALE by Crystalwizard, WALKING SHADOW by Richard Underwood, TROUBADOUR by Allison Whittenberg, DARK AND STORMY by Crystalwizard, SNAPSHOPS FROM A SINGLE GIRL’S LIFE by Aishwariya Laxmi, THE COOK OF ALCATRAZ by Robert White, THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT by Crystalwizard