Anthology of Short Stories Winter 2021

Anthology of Short Stories Winter 2021

This Winter 2021 edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories includes thirteen great stories, making a total of eighty-six short stories published during the past year.

The paperback is available from Amazon with all proceeds going to Water Aid.

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The eBook is available as a free download direct from the publishers or from the following:

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As this edition spans Christmas and New Year, our editor’s choice award is shared between Jasmine Tritten and Richard Underwood who both wrote seasonal stories. Santa’s Hands by Jasmine Tritten is a charming Christmas story about ‘Father’ Christmas, and Quantum One One by Richard Underwood describes looking forward to a new year of peace and harmony.

Face Lift by Jim Bates is another charming story reminding us children accept adults at face value, whilst Beside the Clouds by David C. Russell is a salutary reminder not to be too trusting.

Red Flags by LaVern Spencer McCarthy describes the horror of online dating, and Big Noses by Jim Tritten is a humorous examination of how others see us.

Popular Girl by Ken Goldman tells of the pitfalls of looking at the past through rose tinted glasses, and A Change of Heart by Dawn DeBraal is a reminder we often fail to appreciate people until it’s too late.

It’s All in The Tea Leaves by Lynne Phillips is a charming fantasy story about a visit to a circus, and The Jeweller’s Verdict by Madeleine McDonald is a humorous tale of female survival in a patriarchal society.

Our final three stories for this year are Reman’s Retreat by Nathan E.D. Baker, which is a fantasy tale about two ancient adventurers; Going Full Circle by Stephen Murphy, a time shifting fantasy where the main character has a conversation with his future self; and 8:6 by Justin Rulton, a ghost story concerning events occurring the same time each day.

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