Spring 2022 Anthology book cover

Anthology of Short Stories Spring 2022

This Spring 2022 edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories includes twenty great stories in different genres and by different authors.

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The editor’s choice award for this edition is The Green Path by Ciara Mandulee Mendis, a brilliantly observed poignant story of life in Sri Lanka.

Our collection starts with A Collection of Memories by Alex Minns, a non-scary modern ghost story. This is followed by Night Relief by Richard Underwood, a semi-autobiographical tale based on his time as a police officer, and Running on Half Empty by Stephen Murphy, the story of a rather creepy car which never runs out of petrol.

Shove Push Stand by Todd Sullivan is a tale about a young witch, and Whispers of Death is described by the author, LaVern Spencer McCarthy, as dark fiction.

Lummox, the first of two stories by Moshe Sonnheim is a dramatic paranormal story. The Hand of Mary Donovan, his second story, is a detective mystery.

Sister Trunchbull by Raymond Fenech Gonzi is the author’s memoir of his first days at school as a five-year-old, and Melancholy Holly by Brittany McGorm is a story about overcoming adversity.

The Golden Years by David C.Russel is a family saga spanning 1960s to the present day, and The Perfect Woman by Jim Tritten is an amusing examination of the characteristics required by a ‘perfect woman’.

The Man Who Told a Lie by Caroline Moir is a semi-autobiographical story featuring the protagonist Fran and people she encounters on her travels. The Green Path by Ciara Mandulee Mendis has already been mentioned as our Editor’s Choice.

Brotherly Love by Jim Bates is a heart-warming tale about two brothers who save one another’s lives, and Only What’s on the Menu by Ken Goldman is a spooky tale with a surprise ending.

Tales My Grandfather Told by Judge Santiago Burdon is an amusing story about the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson, and The Gardian Angel by Lynne Phillips tells the story of how the protagonist saved someone’s life and became a ‘guardian angel’.

Three Red Peppers by Indra Chopra tells the story of how the Covid pandemic disrupted an Indian family life, and A Grave Matter by Madeleine McDonald is not quite a ghost story, but shows how previous generations can affect us.

Last but not least, The Girl Under My Bed by Tim Law is about a meeting between a child with cancer, her grandmother, and a ghost.

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